WHAT IS CAFE FREI? A special journey to the world of coffee. More than 70 types of coffee, exotic desserts, cold and hot beverages from around the world. We offer special tastes from around the world. 

It’s a unique journey to the world of coffee. In our coffee shops the guests have the chance to visit the world by tasting our special products.  
Where to find us: The coffee shop was opened for the first time in Hungary and after a short time people had the chance to get to know its special products in many countries such as England, Austria, France or Dubai and Romania. What we offer: over 70 types of coffe, 12 types of rough tea, hot chocolate, home-made lemonade, sandwiches, 12 types of packed coffee, 10 types of tea and we also offer our guests exotic desserts and bakery products.
What we have achieved: Our coffee comes from the Third World, we purchase it personally and we also take care of the environment, we use recyclable packaging material. 
What we want: A conscientious trade! Customer satisfaction and good coffee at a reasonable price!


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Working hours :

  • Monday 8:00--22:00
  • Tuesday 8:00--22:00
  • Wednesday 8:00--22:00
  • Thursday 8:00--22:00
  • Friday 8:00--0:00
  • Saturday 10:00--22:00
  • Sunday 10:00--22:00

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