Petry Bistro - Grill&Wine .

Josper grill: Let’s turn the passion for grilling into a common experience! "A family that has fallen in love with tastes and that loves new dishes! We think that a place can remain unforgettable if you feel good there, if you are surrounded by friendly, nice people and you experience new, unusual things.

This is the main idea of Petry Bistro. Why a Bistro? Because we have some basic principles that suit the idea of a bistro – fresh ingredients, seasonal herbs, delicious food and folk traditionalism.  We consider it very important to use fresh ingredients – as long as it is possible – and seasonal products for our dishes. In order to realize all these, we considered that we needed a Josper grill offering an unusual, special experience. What is Josper? No wonder if you have no idea. We had no idea either before we visited Budapest. From that moment on – without exaggeration – our life has changed. We have always been attracted to novelties, especially if it has been about new tastes. And Josper means exactly the same for us! 
Of course with these delicious dishes goes a good wine. We try to offer wines from all parts of the world.

That is why we have become Grill and Wine Bistro.

Júlia Varga Pál Petri and Ágnes Wisky Petri 

Opening hours:

Monday: 15:00 - 23:00

Tuesday - Sunday: 12:00 - 23:00

str. Scăricica nr.1 Tg.Mureș

0725 510 511

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